CBSA eMainfest Deadline Quickly Approaching

Posted on Dec 02, 2015

LANGLEY, BC – Beginning Jan. 10, 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will begin issuing Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) fines to carriers who do not comply with eManifest requirements, ending the six-month educational enforcement period and its zero-rated AMPS penalties, according to the British Columbia Trucking Association.

Empty and in-transit conveyances continue to be exceptions.

Advance Commercial Information (ACI) eMainfest requires motor carriers to transmit manifest information electronically at least one hour prior to a truck’s arrival at the first port of entry into Canada.

Carriers can send information identifying the truck, trailer, shipment(s) and driver to CBSA through its free, web-based ACI portal, a direct connection to CBSA or a service provider.

CBSA provides an online demonstration called eManifest Portal Demonstration for Highway Carriers: Working in the Portal. This webinar is currently scheduled twice a month or you can download a copy of the presentation here to view at your convenience.

After Jan. 10, 2016, drivers hauling any type of conveyance back into Canada empty may continue to report verbally – for example, if carriers can’t file ACI data electronically – without AMPS penalties. CBSA has not yet identified a deadline for eManifest compliance for empties or in-transit loads. For complete details, see CBSA’s Customs Notice 15-030.

A requirement to complete eManifest for empties will coincide with the drafting and adoption of new regulations that mandate driver information, which can be a lengthy process, and there is no scheduled date for completion, according to BCTA.

CBSA also encourages carriers to comply with eManifest requirements for empties, if possible, and will accept multiple conveyance reports in advance as long as carriers send a correction (a pre-arrival change) to update data for a specific truck and trailer/tank prior to it reaching the border. The driver will require a lead sheet.

Customs Self-Assessment carriers may continue to follow the existing process for empties, according to BCTA. Carriers may also continue to report in-transit loads on paper without AMPS penalties.

For background, see the BCTA May 7 bulletin, CBSA Finally Announces eManifest Implementation Date.