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Simtax Consultants Inc. was formed in 1982 by Alfred and Irene Jelliff. Alfred had spent more than 20 years working in the long haul trucking industry, much of it as a long haul driver. Although that kept him away from home for long periods at a time, Alfred’s life incorporated his family with his business. As often as their schedules would allow, Al, Irene and their two young daughters would travel as a family.

With industry regulations and policies constantly evolving, Irene and Al recognized in 1981 that most of their business acquaintances and friends within the transportation industry were having similar struggles. They were under a lot of stress trying to acquire all of the various required permits and licensing. Most of them found it near impossible to locate a person who knew the industry and all of its associated requirements. Most were paying too much money for unnecessary permits.

In 1982 Simtax Consultants Inc. was formed. Our service based business would go on to successfully save single owner operators as well as large scale companies TIME and most importantly MONEY.

In 1998, Alfred and Irene’s son in law, Gerry Voth, joined the company to bring it into the new millennium. Quickly, Gerry began advancing the company to the next level and helping even more customers succeed in the difficult world of truck transportation. Not long after Gerry became the sole owner of Simtax Consultants Inc.

With never ending changes to IFTA, IRP, specific jurisdictional licensing and so many other governing authorities, Gerry and his staff continue to provide the highest level of industry knowledge and cost saving strategies to our valued customers. “It’s the needs of these customers that our business was built on and continues to thrive on”.

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